Lyz rothman


If it’s not one thing it’s another!  While that can be said of many things it’s closest relation to me is how I relate to my art.  If I’m not painting in oils, I’m painting in acrylic or watercolor.  If I’m not painting, I’m carving wax or drawing in a book or writing a children’s story, and if it’s not that then I’m making paper mache vases or doing a mural on a wall or carving coins into guitar picks. 

This can only be explained by my need to create.  My need to get my hands dirty and my need to sometimes lose myself in creating anything that will soothe that moment’s craving are the driving forces behind my bodies of work.  I do hope that what I lose in branding one specific item, I gain in reaching wider audiences. 

The common thread in my work is the process and what I as the artist can gain from it.  You are welcome to enter a world as seen through the eyes of Lyz.  Let’s enjoy the journey together.


The world through the eyes of lyz

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton

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